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Nature is
our best

At Biocann® | Cannabis Farm&Lab we cultivate, research and develop products derived from cannabis , for medicinal and therapeutic purposes , applying technology and traceability in each process.

We understand that nature is our best medicine, therefore, we seek to offer the highest certified quality , for the benefit of human and animal health.

We firmly believe that the new era of cannabis will transform the way we heal through its various medical and therapeutic uses.

Located in the Epuyén Valley , in the Andean Region of the 42nd Parallel, in the South of Argentine Patagonia , we honor the benefits of the plant in the ideal setting. A place where edaphoclimatic conditions and vibrational energy elevate our mountain crops to the sky.



Starting from the development of genetics, we cultivate, research and develop products derived from cannabis, for medicinal and therapeutic purposes, applying technology and traceability in each process.


We use various cultivation methods and production techniques. Likewise, we work in collaboration with the best growers and breeders.

Our genetics are rigorously selected. Subsequently, production techniques are what allow us to process and obtain products of high quality standards.












  • We program cultivation cycles and produce extracts and derived products, based on the needs of our clients and users.

  • As promoters of the Bioeconomy, we are dedicated to the development of transversally biodiverse solutions.
    In this sense, our closed model for growing medicinal cannabis is 100% organic: it does not use any type of pesticides or chemical additives. In addition, our cultivation facilities have an automated control system that optimizes the use of resources to the maximum.

  • The biosphere is constantly changing. Likewise, external demands.

    Therefore, we believe that the best way to capture these transformations is through a model that allows us to address different combinations between production units and processing units.
    With the ability to flexibly reconfigure, we seek to achieve optimal integration in each project.

  • We provide comprehensive solutions to gradually satisfy the fervent demand for cannabis-based products, while promoting medical and scientific research and knowledge.
    We promote joint research with Universities, Public Organizations, Health NGOs, Municipalities and Hospitals, along with research and sustainable development of the industry at the local, regional and national level.

  • For the agronomic research capacity of the plant, and scientific of the derived products. Our comprehensive Seed to Sale model focuses on validation to quickly scale to production and distribution. This model gives us the advantage of providing at different scales, regardless of the type of crop desired, the genetics selected, the formulation of recipes, or the final product required.

    Thanks to the Seed to Sale system, our products are born from the selection of the appropriate genetics and seeds, to their cultivation, care and harvest. To then be processed and produced as derived products, which end up reaching the hands of our clients; thus ending the cycle.
    The traceability through which we carry out each process allows us to scale at a different pace.

  • In a global framework where the exploration of the properties of cannabis is increasing, we are proud to contribute our grain of sand, promoting the research and development of such a noble industry, for the benefit of human and animal health.
    We honor the biodiversity of our Argentina and promote its growth.


We generate links with experts in the field to continue investigating the virtues of the cannabis plant, as well as its medical and therapeutic scope.

With the objective always clear: to improve people's quality of life and sustainably develop this noble activity, in a nascent industry.

Investigation and development


Investigate the adaptive behavior of different varieties of Cannabis, capable of growing efficiently in the soils and atmospheric conditions of Argentine Patagonia.

Study ways of growing cannabis and different reproduction techniques.

Especially feminization techniques, which allow us to obtain accurate information about the application of different ways of growing, as well as about the propagation of plants, either by seed or cuttings. Promoting standardized knowledge about the benefits and disadvantages of different investigations.

Investigate different extraction methods to obtain high quality Full Spectrum Cannabis Oil.

SEEN EX-2022-85357208-APN-DD#MS

Under the orbit of Law No. 27,350, we received approval of our project endorsed by the Ministry of Health, for medical and scientific research into the medicinal, therapeutic and/or palliative use of pain of the cannabis plant and its derivatives.

Main objectives :
Medically and scientifically investigate derivatives of the cannabis plant with the aim of promoting safe access to users.
Produce products of the highest quality and achieve stabilization of them.

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